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Next-gen Honda Civic (2HC) rendered

The next-gen Honda Civic 4-door, codenamed 2HC, has been caught almost undisguised (earlier post), and this photoshop work gives an even better idea of what to expect. Still very disappointing...

Some more photos of upcoming Suzuki Solio (YK8)

[Source: スズキプラザ松原*plaza_club]

Honda reveals near production prototype BRIO for Asian markets

Honda has revealed in Thailand a near production prototype of its new small-sized vehicle for Asian markets. It's called BRIO and it is expected to go on sale in Thailand and India in 2011.

Honda will develop unique production versions for Thailand and India to reflect different customer needs in those markets. The Thai model is scheduled to be introduced in March 2011, achieving a fuel economy of around 5ℓ/100km. The starting price will be approximately 400,000 baht.

Despite its small dimensions (length 3,610mm x width 1,680mm x height 1,475 mm), efficient packaging has ensured enough cabin space.

I have to admit that I like it and perhaps Honda should consider bringing it in Europe as well.

Honda refreshes Jazz and adds CVT in Europe

Honda, not only will start selling the Jazz Hybrid in February, but has announced also some minor changes for the 2011 range.

First of all, there is a slightly changed face on the front and some tweaks in the interior, including the addition of chrome rings defining the air vents, instruments and climate controls across the dashboard and a new darker dashboard material. Leather upholstery is also now available as an option.

Mechanically, suspension improvements promise refined ride and improved handling, while Honda says that the Jazz benefits from improvements to the steering feel at higher speeds. Last but perhaps the most important change is the comeback of the CVT gearbox! That was due to overwhelming customer demand and therefore, the i-SHIFT is history. The CVT transmission is a standard feature on the Hybrid while it is available as an option on 1.4L petrol models.


New Subaru Trezia to replace Justy in Europe

Ikuo Mori, President & CEO, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., announced today that the new Trezia (earlier post) will be sold also in Europe, replacing the Justy which is a rebadged Daihatsu Sirion (aka Boon ブーン). The sales target and date were not revealed.

Advantage GT-R Concept (2001) scale model

I just placed a pre-order for an Advantage GT-R Concept scale model by IIADO (アイアイアド), which should be released by the end of March 2011! This concept was revealed at Tokyo Motor Show back in 2001.

NISMO GT-R LM Road Car scale model by HPI

The latest addition to my next big order (earlier post), arriving at the end of February, is a NISMO GT-R LM Road Car (1996) scale model by HPI. The actual car is a street legal version of the R33s racing in 24 Hours of Le Mans, which was built by NISMO in order to meet the homologation regulations. Oh, and it's certainly among the most expensive 1/43 scale models I've got... as it costs 10,880 ¥ and thus, I had to remove the Nissan Skyline (HR31) No.23 1987 Inter Tec model from the order...

Plantronics Discovery 975 review

Well, this is an unusual post, as it is about a bluetooth headset, but I believe that it's always useful to mention products that are really good. During the last couple of months, I have tried two different bluetooth headset types, including the Sony Ericsson VH700 with Noise Shield and the Hi-Fi Wireless Headset MW600 which features FM radio.

The first one was decent enough, but I just could not hear with the bloody thing. I seriously had an issue with it and it may be partly Xperia X10 Mini's fault, as there a lot of complaints about the volume from users around the globe. After that, I decided to have a go with the MW600 which comes with in-ear headphones and as a result, I could hear! But, there were a lot of glitches with it, as very frequently it was refusing to work. I had it replaced and the second one was far better, as it would only stack in the event of an unanswered call. 

So, as I was fed up with my last MW600, I refused to have it replaced again and thus, I grabbed my money back and followed a friend's advice about buying a Plantronics headset. I chose the Discovery 975, as it's easier to fit it than the Voyager PRO+, but I was a bit skeptical as to whether it would stay there firmly or not.

It is a rather expensive headset, although it comes with a number of high-tech features, such as AudioIQ² technology, WindSmart technology, a carrying case  that not only protects the headset, but also recharges it, and Multipoint technology allowing pairing with a second device. You can check out Discovery 975's detailed spec by visiting Plantronics' website (English / Japanese 日本語).

Verdict? Simply the best headset I have ever used doing exactly what it says on the tin! I can hear exceptionally good, they can hear me as if I am not using a headset, it fits perfectly, I haven't noticed any glitches at all and we are talking about serious quality. The indicator also flashes in the case of a missed call, a feature which I find very handy. It's definitely worth every penny.

Nissan Leaf wins European 2011 Car of the Year award

Nissan Leaf has won the European 2011 Car of the Year award and for sure it's a first for an EV! In total, the Leaf scored 257 points, while Alfa Romeo's Giulietta came second scoring 248 points and the Opel Meriva third by scoring 244 points. 

Well done Nissan!

New Suzuki Solio to be launched Dec 24

I had reported in my previous post about the new Solio (YK8) that it is expected to be released in February 2011. Well, today Suzuki has published a teasing image and states that the new model will be introduced on Dec 24. As already reported, the new Solio will share its chassis and engine with the new Swift.

Subaru launches new Trezia in Japan

Subaru has today launched the new Trezia (earlier post) in Japan. The car is actually Toyota Ractis' (aka Verso-S) little brother and it shows the close corporation between Toyota and Subaru.

The Trezia will be available in seven different grades with the usual choice of a 2WD or 4WD powertrain in conjunction with a 1.3L or 1.5L engine. Both engines are available with a CVT gearbox. Prices range from 1,428,000 ¥ (1.3i) up to 1,832,250 ¥ (1.5i TYPE EURO 4WD).

New mighty Nissan Sylphy SSS on its way?!

Nissan Bluebird Sylphy (日産シルフィ), codenamed G11, uses Nissan's B platform and it is equipped with the same 1.5L engine as the Nissan Tiida / Versa (HR15DE), as well as the MR20DE (2.0L) engine. Unfortunately though, very few countries get it, besides Japan of course. For us, the Tiida is enough... 

Anyway, the specific photo is from a magazine claiming that Nissan will bring back the "SSS" version, which will come with Juke's MR16DET (1.6L) engine. The model shown is the next-gen one, as the current model is totally different, and it makes me wonder whether we  will get this as Tiida's successor and not the Chinese version we have already seen... Check out also my previous post about it.

[Source: IMP-X's blog]


Toyota FT-86 / Subaru 216A: Likely spec of FB20 engine

I just came across with some likely spec of the FB20 engine, which will power the FT-86 / 216A (earlier post). The following data could well be fiction... but in any case I don't reckon it's far from the reality.

Engine displacement (L)

Bore/stroke (mm)
92.0 / 75.0

Compression ratio

Maximum output
200PS / 7,100 rpm

Maximum torque
21.0kg-m / 4,500 rpm

Premium unleaded petrol – hm, I don't like this bit at all...

Next-gen Mazda MX-5 to come with 1.6L engine

Just an update on my previous post regarding the MX-5's successor (ロードスター). According to information from a Japanese magazine, the new model will be equipped with a 1.6L engine featuring SKYACTIV technology (earlier post) producing around 130hp and don't be disappointed... in conjunction with a weight of 995kg, it should be still fun! The new model will be slightly smaller and lighter, a back to the basics approach!

[Source: IMP-X's blog]

Fancy a Honda CR-Z Roadster?

If you really fancy a Honda CR-Z Roadster, Honda may let you down since such a version is not in the plans, but you can have a scale model of it!


Rendering of next-gen Subaru Impreza

Subaru has presented an Impreza concept car at LA, previewing what we should expect (earlier post) and it seems that at last they came up with a proper design language. The latest Mag-X issue has a rendering of how they believe the production car will look like.


Seat belt airbag to be fitted on Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA will be the first car to come equipped with seat belt airbags, developed by Takata (タカタ). The airbags are inflated in the case of frontal or side collision and aim to reduce the forces applied to the occupants' chest. In the event of a side collision, the airbag helps to control the movement of the head.

[Source: Response]