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May 2, 2011

Latest FT-86 rendering... is this the real deal?!

A few days ago I posted a photo from the latest Mag-X issue, which arrived today. As usual, I always try to provide you with the latest renderings coming straight from Japan. Anyway, as the time passes by and we are getting closer to December, I expect more accurate renderings of the production version to be published.

According to the article, the FB20 will deliver 200 ps and 205 Nm of torque, while it will come with the D-4S injection system. The bore and stroke will be 86 x 86 mm! In terms of transmissions, a 6AT will be also available with paddle shifts on the steering wheel. As already known, power will go to the rear wheels and an LSD will ensure the best power distribution.

The FT-86 will be on sale in April 2012.


  1. Jalopnik is for losers.

  2. What Jalopnik has to do with this particular post? The info and renderings are from the latest Mag-X issue, which is a Japanese magazine and I have got a copy of it.

  3. ...Dear god, that back end is hideous.

  4. It might be a better idea to remove the staples from the binder and then reattach the two pages that your going to scan with tape on the opposite side). This way you avoid shadows, ridges and page overlaps with your pictures.

    -just a tip. good work

  5. Thanks a lot for the tip. I keep those magazines for my collection and I really want to have them in mint condition. That's the reason for not taking them apart.... I

  6. no APC rear lights please.


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